Thursday, 3 November 2011

Black Dog

Dark rain drips from her jowls;
every time I dare a smile
she raises her hackles and howls.
Everyday it tears around like a stray,
but I'm just keeping the black dog at bay.

I can't ignore her lovely skull
with the flowers on,
more lovely still because
all the skin has gone. 
In my cave, each night,
she barks inside.
But I'm just keeping the black dog at bay. 

Give me your penknife, your skillet, your needle - 
it's about time I drove this Cujo out.
I taste her rabies 
and I'm foaming at the mouth.
I'm having trouble keeping this wolf down.

I swiped her with my cat claw
and I hissed a little, and I swore;
but I'm wired and wakeful
all over again
as the bitch nibbles away at my brain.

The pills they prescribe me,
they don't work;
and the straps to restrain me
only make the inner-dog smirk.
She's within and without, 
and my flesh is her feast.
And I just can't kill the beast.
                                      - Nina x


  1. hey there thanks for the follow! i have just been looking through your blog, I love it! you guys are so creative! aaaannnnddd we are from the same area. I was in Burley the other weekend too and bought some witchy things from a coven of witches! ha.

  2. Hullo! yes I adore the New Forest, I want to go back to visit Alice Liddell's grave in Lyndhurst soon while it's still autumnal outside, then a pint at the Fox and Hound! (I think that's the name of the pub nearby..?) Anyway...really like the layout of ur blog and ur photography, so had to follow :) Thanx for the lovely comments, have a super Guy Fawkes x