Monday, 2 April 2012

Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman

Yesterday Katie and I had a day of craft like we haven't had in a loooong time! I finally shook off my flu and fuggyness and managed to finish my embroidered ditty Crazy Hair, a snippet of the poem from Neil Gaiman's picture book of the same name that I'm absolutely besotted with in all my apparent adult-ness, whilst Katie is making somink cute n' special that she'll share with you in due time, a slave to the sewing machine as she so gladly was. Here are some pics of my finished piece that I've chosen to frame in a wooden picture frame for a change, with tatty, fraying lace that I glued on for a touch of shabby-chic.

Look closer, and you can see the stars in the fabric! I did the lady's hair pink as in real life I really covet pink hair. Alas, it doesn't suit me, as I found out at the tender and blushing age of 15. 


Here are some Dave McKean illustrations from the pages in the picture book I took my inspiration from...

...and here I am piffing Katie off by taking a hoard of pictures of her at the sewing machine.

All things bird-related occurred throughout the day, such as a thimble I found...

the wise Rob Ryan mug I drink gallons of green tea from...

...the various blue tits I watched trying to perch onto the still-leafless branches of the silver birches as I took our dog for a walk...

...and the blue tits that did manage to perch upon the branches of a silver birch, painted onto this bone china knick-knack. 

I have many things coming up. Firstly, I'm creating something for Husband-to-be's birthday (so no embroidery for a li'l while *sad face*) then I'm off with Katie for our final stay in London with Lubix before she moves for good back down to Dorset, and then days later I'm toodle-pipping you all again as I migrate for a long weekend in the Netherlands with Himself.
Projects in the pipeline: I'm writing a short story for my friend Jasbeer to go with a graphic novel-format short that she's drawing - check out her blog Conversation with my Cat - and making a cushion for my friend Emma's mum's birthday. Then the rest of my time until July is to be spent preparing for a stall that Katie and I are renting at the Boscombe Vintage Market where we hope to be selling crafty stuff and secondhand clothing in the summer. And more...of course, of all these things I will keep you posted. 
Until then, I will leave you with this amusing public reading of Crazy Hair by the Man Himself:

Nina x

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