Monday, 2 April 2012

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv'd but three summer days"

Watched Bright Star the other day, and it left me inspired and slightly sombre, (well, I say slightly, but really I wept like a baby) so I took advantage of my inspiration and wrote a few poems, doodled a little, and spent a long looong loooooonnng time on Polyvore. I’ve become addicted to it). Have a peek if you’re curious J

(Forgot to mention) I also spent some of my weekend stitching up a lil’ something…

Meet Toots J I named her after the little red–head girl from Bright Star, and sewed a little rose by her ear because somewhere in the film John Keats asks Toots if she’d been eating rosebuds, as her cheeks always glowed pink. At the moment Toots is roosting in the cherry tree in our garden, so best not disturb her..

Short 'n sweet by Katie x


  1. Hi! Do you remember me? ^^ I follow this blog, now ;)
    ....and...I love owls!

  2. Hi! We remember you!! you're always welcome here, thanks for following :D x x x