Sunday, 22 July 2012

Deer skulls and fat rabbits

A little more photography and scribblings..

Practiced my photography a little more when I was round Nina's at the weekend, and she let me mess around with her Roe deer skull (which I'll make sure I inherit ;) ). 

I also found this photo somewhere on the web, and was inspired to draw it as I've been trying to improve in art as well (and I admit I found it quite morbidly lovely). The result..

...Not as great as the photo, but it's just  practice :)


whilst searching for inspiration for my latest project (hint- it's soft, stuffed and has long floppy ears) I came across some lovely photo's and illustrations that I just had to share..

Sources- Ok draw
 (bunny in a cup- genius!)

Sources- Fanny Latour Lambert

-Katie x

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