Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Horrors

I've been listening to The Horrors a lot since we saw them supporting Florence and the Machine in our home town of Bournemouth a few months ago, especially their album Skying. I wanted to share Neil Krug's photography from the album, as I adore and am very inspired by his haunting yet colourful double exposure images of flora and the band members. 

Here's an image of a double exposure of me in ballet class aged approx 9, with an image of our back garden, that occurred by accident during a botched photo processing years ago; but I actually quite liked it and used it for my CD cover artwork for my imaginary band Ivory whilst studying a Media AVCE qualification. I got an A!! The original was in colour, and was accompanied with a few other double exposures of a swan on a river with me sitting on the rockery in the garden where I grew up, and also a small image of our late Cat Mitzi with a large close up of our late Hamster Niki! I won't share with you which ballerina I am in the photo below, as I was an awkward child and always hated ballet.

Here's The Horrors' song 'Still Life' from Skying; hope it stimulates shivers for you as it does for me:

Nina x

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